Rights Respecting School

During the 2014/15 session the Rights Respecting School Committee is being run by Mrs Boyle with the help of class representatives.  

Craighead Primary School is an accredited rights respecting school.  As such, we aim to ensure that rights are embedded in our school ethos and policy-making. We offer our children activities to ensure that they can learn about children’s rights in the classroom and beyond.

Key principles and provisions of the Convention

The CRC consists of 54 articles. A ‘child’ is defined as every human being below the age of 18. The key provisions are:

The right to a childhood (including protection from harm)

The right to be educated (including all girls and boys completing primary school

The right to be healthy (including having clean water, nutritious food and medical care)

The right to be treated fairly (which includes changing laws and practices that discriminate against children)


The right to be heard (which includes considering children's views)

Why teach about the Convention?

Teaching our  children about the CRC means that they can find out about the legal and human rights and responsibilities that underpin society. By learning about the Convention, our  children can discover that:

They should be informed about their rights

They should be helped to exercise their rights

They should be able to enforce their rights

There should be a community of interest to advocate young people’s rights